Thursday, May 21, 2009

things i have learned recently

  • nest shopping is FUN (although i suspect it will get stressful when decisions must be made)
  • when i don't run, i really miss it (and it's only been 5 days)
  • dairy queen blizzards continue to rot my insides (that was just a confirmation)
  • eharmonising is FUN
  • if you back into a parking stall at the calgary transit stations, the park plus ticketing system can't get you
  • my sister gave me a day at the spa for my birthday and i had forgotten until i tidied my room and found the card, she's the best!
  • all my years of defending canada as not being as cold as people assume it is was all for naught as it is bloody cold and i am sick of having to brings scarves with me to cut the chill
  • i didn't love the book Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones, i felt it was rather sad and i am not sure if that was my own mood reflecting on the story or the story reflecting on my mood
  • opi's nail envy really works. pricey, but effective at strengthening your nails and preventing them from cracking or breaking


Anonymous said...

regarding ct stalls and backing in, yes they can they get out of the vehicle an use a handheld scanner. just thought i would share.

lu said...

very good to know. i guess you can't believe everything you hear on the news. and i'd better stop spreading propaganda!