Monday, May 11, 2009

if i ruled the world

i have had three 'run in's' lately in my jobs. and the phrase 'run in' is probably too harsh because there have been no disagreements or arguments, just situations where i want to shake sense into people so that they would do things my way thereby reducing challenges in the future.

situation 1 - there is a very eager woman who wishes to volunteer her time and energies into doing some work for a cause. we've discussed it and i know she fears that i am moving too slowly, but at the same time, my experience and my relations with law enforcement and knowledge of ethical principles of service provision makes me confident that she needs to slow down before doing unintentional damage. i have tried to explain this to her, but she just seems hellbent on moving forward.

situation 2 - i am involved in a philanthropic endeavour with my full time position and i have a colleague who i am working with on it who doesn't seem impressed that i am overcoming the initial challenges to open lines of communication and get things done. there is a chance that she feels it is her project, but i've been the one actually making things happen.

situation 3 - i am in the middle of a political fight at work. i am supposed to liaise between groups and to ensure processes are followed and implemented so that we don't open ourselves up to being sued or anyone taking legal action against us. but try convincing the people who are in the field that! cripes.

i know that i can be stubborn as all get out and that i like things to be done my way, but what happens when you genuinely believe that your way is the right way? on some things, i can take a step back and just allow the pieces to fall in time (as in situation 3), but sometimes i just wish people would listen to me so that they will stop creating more work for me!

blah. and sorry about the cryptic nature of this rather hum drum post, but even writing about work seems a bit sketchy so i am trying to keep it vague, making rather irritating reading, i am sure.

in other more positive thoughts, i am going to san francisco in 21 days!


Anonymous said...

you stubborn...likes things done your way.....are you a first born?

k said...

uh, my way is always the right people really should just listen :)
(and yup, i'm a first born too)

i think we all go through the work frustrations and it is always a challenge to figure out how to make things work. good luck!

lu said...

they should let us first borns rule the world! things would be so orderly and perfect!

La Cabeza Grande said...

I'm actually the younger of two children though most people think I'm an only child - probably because I exhibit the same characteristics as those you've described.

Besides that, there's no getting around it. I *am* right!

lu said...

percisely! and the sooner other people realise that, things will be so much calmer and simplfied! haha

and how is that for a wah wah wah day?!

lu said...


situation 1 has been alleviated (and with the help of the hot cop, no less) with some careful communication and strategising.

situation 2 has been completely remedied and i think i might have a new friend. i turned a frown upside down!

k said...

well aren't you efficient...
(and that looks like a smile, not an upside down frown)