Thursday, May 21, 2009

sass-travaganza: a photo essay in reverse

here are some of my favourite photos from the sass-travaganza. for some reason, i cannot reverse the order in which they appear, so just start from the bottom if you really want to get the chronological sense of the trip.
my favourite parts of the trip included:

- the retarded goat (ok, let it be known that the word 'retarded' is totally not a part of the vocabulary of either me or my sister, but there was this stupid goat that wouldn't get out of the road when we were driving up to the trailhead and it was sort of funny to use a totally politically incorrect word. and then continue to use it for the rest of the day, knowing it was so, so wrong)

- the label maker! who knew such an organisational tool could be so much fun?! oh wait, me.

- figuring out that ha ling must be the chinese translation of 'chinaman' since chinaman's peak was renamed ha ling peak (again, with the politically incorrectness)
- the no-name brand camelback, otherwise known as the teat (i know, we are such classy ladies)

- the best snow angel my sis had ever seen!

- my wipe outs and my sister killing herself laughing rather than asking if i was ok

- the best cheese burger and salad EVER

- my sister's costume change and the photos i have of her ironing her dress in her panty (which i kindly did not post!)

- the inappropriate conversations overheard by the other hikes (whoops!)
- admiring the majestic peaks in all their glory

- the best brunch buffet EVER, oh sweet jesus, that food was good eating. and that coffee. oh my, that coffee

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