Thursday, March 19, 2009

things about which i am excited

  • i booked a flight to san francisco! i am going from june 2th - 7th and i am very much looking forward to it. i have never been to the city and with any luck, i will get to have a reunion with this lovely lady, which would sort of be achieving one of the goals i have this year (#7 - visit friends who live in other places). i plan on stopping by dynamo donuts, miette cakes, and at least a few organic/slow food restaurants.
  • more dates!
  • temperatures that allow me to wear my new spring coats, one green, one yellow
  • my hair growing out in a way that doesn't look like a mullet. but do i cut it or keep growing it?
  • copywriting jobs
  • an invitation to a conference on migration tomorrow where i will pass around my new, most loveable business cards that were specially designed por moi.
  • the arrival of my new shoes in the mail, tell me who does not love a pink ballet flat? (and they were only $19.99 when i purchased them, so it is a bit strange that they went up in price)


k said...

i'm crossing my fingers! (and dreaming of donuts. and the clam chowder from the ferry building. and the palm trees)

La Cabeza Grande said...

Fabulous! I do enjoy San Francisco and I think you will, too. Plus, what girl can't help take the city by storm in pink ballet flats?!