Thursday, March 26, 2009

things be good

so far, this week:

  • i am rather busy!
  • i got my first paid job to write something. i am a paid writer!
  • i've been given more responsibility at my day job, which means that the economic downturn can kiss my arse (until, of course, someone decides to come and take over my company and they get rid of all the consultants)
  • i received positive feedback on the meeting that i facilitated on tuesday for my Other Job and the hot cop was sitting right across from me, giving me a a pleasant view the entire hour and a half
  • when one date had to reschedule, i went on another of pints and dog walks with a different gentleman suitor, it was swell
  • another job posting for a short term consultancy in east timor was sent to me and i will apply, just in cases
  • my congested head is improving with each passing day
  • i learned that ojala in spanish is derived from insha'allah in arabic, which makes sense because you can't translate it into english. in arabic it means 'if god wills it' and it more or less is used in the same way in spanish
  • i booked a sisters' food and wine getaway in banff


Sara said...

yay for ban-iff!!! i can't wiat for the getaway.

Sara said...

and yay for dates, jobs, positive feedback and all of the other great stuff you mentioned in addition to our getaway :)

and i obviously meant wait, not wiat.

k said...

hooray for all those good things.

i thought that ojala was in "Claro que Si", but maybe not...

La Cabeza Grande said...

All I can say is, "Happy Lu Year!"

Dates and getting published and job (and Other Job) success are very good, indeed.

Re: Ojala, it is one of those things you say when you really hope something will come to pass. It is definitely a plea to Allah. Blame it on two waves of invasion and settlement in Spain. Language, architecture, mathematics and science flourished.

lu said...

happy lu year - i love it!

it seems as though 28 has some good things in store.

ojala it sticks around for the remaining 10 months!

Kels said...

i love ojala, we learned about it awhile ago. and what i love even more is that you are sounding so good. i love it. i love 28...the year of love!

lu said...

you know what i do not love? remembering to use the subjunctive when using ojala!

Kels said...

oh you are preaching to the choir sister! freaking subjunctive.