Friday, March 06, 2009

could i give up my shopping habit?

just when i thought my life was going to settle down and i was going to stay in one place for awhile, my former boss has asked if i want to be interviewed for a position in my old office (that same one that was mentioned in the book What is the What that i recently read that put thoughts in mind...) in kenya. the job would be better than the one i had when i was based in nairobi previously and one that i would enjoy, but am i ready to give up the luxuries of developed world living?

like having friends you've known for decades a phone call away, having a ladies' night once monthly with these women, eating dinner with my family regularly, having lattes with my sister, making oil and gas money, watching my brother's hockey games, catching matinees with my other brother, breakfasts with visitors from out of town, changing seasons, central heating, bad television at my fingertips, dependable public transit, my little dieter, my running routes free of rabid dogs and speeding trucks, and, i shamelessly admit, shopping?

yet, one of the biggest reasons i came home was a person who shall not be named and now that that is no longer an issue, i am just not sure what to do with myself. i had always planned on a career in international development and my favourite experiences and stories that i have come from the time i spent pursuing that.

the universe will just have to tell me what to do in this case. but until it is clear, i will keep my options open.


Sandra said...

Congratulations on the offer. It is nice to know that you have options, even if you don't end up taking this one. I'd still like to meet you over coffee and swap Africa stories sometime. At the moment I could handle being back there for a couple of days of warmth:)

Riena said...

Wouldn't life be easy if we didn't have to make decisions? Boring but easy.

lu said...

coffee would be great! i am posting this on your site and mine in hopes that you get my email address. give me a shout at and we can set something up. i can't wait to hear more about your experience in ghana!