Sunday, March 29, 2009

not your average product review

i have recently started using 2 new products that i feel i should share with you, my reading audience.

my skin is dry. it is even dry when i am not residing in the notoriously dry climate of this city. my skin is also rather sensitive and many sunscreens burn when i put them on my face because of the perfume. i have found a good sunscreen, but this is not about that product. this is about glysomed, which is what i am now using to moisturise my face after washing it. it feels sort of like it has been made with some sort of rubber product, it is so thick. but it works! and once it seeps into my dry pores, it doesn't feel greasy. i only found this lotion (well, cream) by accident when my friend suggested i try it on our recent vacation and the only thing i knew about this stuff before that fateful moment was that it was advertised on jeopardy. now i am a proud convert.

again, with the dryness. my scalp is also equal to my face in its crispness. this winter was worse than it has ever been and after trying leave-in conditioner, frizz ease serum, and other products that claim to moisturise the scalp, my hairdresser recommended that i use nizoral. it doesn't smell like flowers, it is bright pink, and it is pricey. but it works! apparently it is the ketoconazole that kills the fungus that causes dandruff. and how is that for an opening line on a date? ew. but if you too suffer from a flaky scalp, this stuff is for you.


Sandra said...

I, too, am a Nizoral convert but too embarrassed to put it in writing before:) What sunscreen do you have for your face? I always find that they are too oily...probably not your issue.

lu said...

i use ombrelle, but my main problem with sunscreen is that it hurts when i put it on and i am not sure what it is about it, i;ve assumed it is the perfume in it.

but this stuff is nice and gentle and not too oily, you might want to give it a try.

La Cabeza Grande said...

Are you a Jeopardy habitue? This is one of many reasons I like you :o)

As for dry, flaking, etc. skin, my dermatologist tells me to use CeraVe cream in addition to prescription ointment. CeraVe also makes a hydrating cleanser without sodium laurel sulfate (aka surfactant / drying agent). So far, so good.

lu said...

i will answer your jeopardy question with a question, in true jeopardy style!

is alec trebek canadian?!

oh yeah.