Tuesday, March 10, 2009

today is a new day

  • the forecast high is -20 degrees. that is the high!
  • i had the interview for the job in kenya and it went really well. it is nice to be interviewed by your former boss who knows you, better than i had anticipated, in fact.
  • i set up dates with two gentleman callers.
  • i will be registering for a 3 day course to help me do my job. i love the idea of going to classes to learn new things on someone else's dime.
  • is a good day because i still have not taken off my winter boots and i like to judge the day on how long i can keep my cozy boots on before changing into work appropriate shoes.
  • i met a nice engineer who did not speak in engineerspeak and who was very helpful.
  • i am soliciting company for a potential vegas weekend minibreak in two weeks' time. any takers?!
  • i wish my sister was home. i am happy for her that she is on her honeymoon, and no doubt having a great time, but i miss talking to her everyday.
  • i could really use a glass of wine. and it is 3pm...
  • i am going to watch my bro play in a playoff game and i am already nervous.


k said...

1- ooh, gentleman callers? i love it.
2- i also love to learn things on someone else's dime
3- email me about vegas
4- i miss my sister too...though she's not on her honeymoon
5- good luck to your brother!

Kels said...

so about this job...i want to hear more! i'll email you soon.

La Cabeza Grande said...

"Gentleman callers." So very Tennessee Williams of you, Blanche!

So are you seriously considering Kenya? I'm sure it's complicated and that you'll weigh the pros and cons.

lu said...

just weighing and waiting right now. leaning towards staying no matter what the offer is, but my mood could change, you never do know what the wind will bring!