Sunday, February 01, 2009

eight for twenty eight

i stole this concept from heather who stole it from her big sis. i thought it was a great idea so i made a few tiny changes to the format and here you have my 8 goals for my 28th year.

1 - get enough sleep. on a recent visit to my new (and awesome) doctor, i learned a lot about the importance of sleep. she really drove the point home when she said that there is a reason that sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture. i have been doing well lately, but i need to keep it up for the next year.

2 - buy a home. i think this is a reality for me this year and that is a nice feeling. i am not sure where or what or when, but in the year of 28, i want this to happen.

3 - reduce my level of anxiety. this is something that i have already started working on in 27, but i believe it will be a life long challenge and i plan to make some serious headway in 28. i never realised that it is not normal to live with underlying anxiety every day, but sometimes things need to get really bad before you have such a-ha moments.

4 - take better photos. i want to improve the good photos i take to become awesome photos, especially now that i have a swank new camera. whether i just take a lot of photos and learn through trial and error or whether i take a course, one way or the other, i want to learn what works, what doesn't work, and have something to show for it in the end.

5 - become financially confident. not necessarily make more money, but learn more about what to do with money once you make it. how to invest. how to save. how to spend.

6 - be happy where i am. by 'where' i mean not only physically but where i am with my relationships, my career, and myself. i do not expect that this is something that is achievable in 28, but i do think that it will be a priority this year. sometimes i just need to remind myself what i want and not what i think i should want.

7 - visit friends who live in other places. i have a few ideas in mind of people and places that i would like to visit in the coming year. top of my list are washington dc, chicago, vancouver island, but this all depends on schedules, timing, and money. so i will leave it general for now and see what develops.

8 - sort out my relationship. nuff said. not sure why i didn't list this as #1. and it may just take a full 12 months.


Riena said...

I wish you success in all of them!

Kels said...

any friends you plan to visit in ummm sayyyy...South America?

Just wondering ;)

lu said...

i would love to visit you guys kels, but i would probably end up quitting my job and joining you on the road, and nobody likes a backseat driver!

Kels said...

HA dude we would love to have you are always welcome!

k said...

I think those sound like great goals. Especially the sleep...
(and you know there's always room for a visit from you wherever I am)

lu said...

maybe i can squeeze ottawa (or ottawow as i sometimes call it) into my year's travel plans!

La Cabeza Grande said...

You are a lady with ambition! If you make it to Chicago, you must let me play host.