Thursday, February 12, 2009

nerves of spaghetti

there is a most important wedding coming up this saturday. one in which i am the maid of honour. one in which i need to deliver a toast that i have not yet written. one in which i am sure will be a wonderfully fun time. one that i am rather nervous for!*

all this primping and preparing and planning (and i didn't even need to do most of it!) is making me nervous. more nervous than my sister is, i think. i am feeling overwhelmed with the enormity of this day and how important it is for so many people, including me.

the bride seems to be completely calm, cool, and collected and it is me who is fretting. but my dress is altered, my 3 pairs of tights have been purchased (i am not sure which will be the best colour), my nails have been filled, my pedicure is booked, my wedding gift has been purchased (but not yet wrapped!), my hair has been coloured, my jewelry has been picked out, my coat has been drycleaned, my pearly whites are pearly and white, my shoes have been selected, and my skin has been exfoiliated. so i should be good to go, right?

now, just that toast...

* i tried to rewrite that sentence so as to not end with a preposition, but my brain is a little too overworked and full of excitment and stress at the moment to do anything but end with 'for.' oops, and i just did it again.


k said...

have fun...although i suppose in the grand scheme of things, it is most important that she have fun no? I'm sure you will both have a great day.

(and sure she has..that's what i forgot to have on my wedding day. how embarrassed was i when we showed up at one of the nicest hotels in the city and neither of us had any money to tip anyone. jordan's wallet was empty and mine was still in my sister's bag...which was with her! had i just put some in my suitcase all would have been well)g

S said...

When I was maid of honor at my best friend's wedding, I couldn't come up with a toast and was so nervous I was going to blow it. Even after the actual ceremony, I didn't know what I was going to say. But in the end, I just got up and spoke naturally about my friends. The toast wound up sounding really good and got lots of laughs and ahs. I think the thing I did was just to stop stressing about it. As soon as I did that, what I deep down wanted to say just came out. Really, it's pretty hard to mess up a toast of well wishes to someone you love so much. Good luck!

lu said...

update - the toast is written! and i am even MORE excited. my employer who just paid me to write the toast without knowing, maybe not so excited!

La Cabeza Grande said...

Best of luck and have a fabulous time!