Sunday, February 01, 2009

on my birthday...

  • i was gifted organisational tools. organisational tools!
  • i tried my new underwear on over my sweatpants and chased my future brother-in-law around the house (oh yeah)
  • my bestest friend made me pepper and leek quiche for brunch
  • i ran nearly 7km
  • i waited in a queue for an hour to have dieter washed
  • my mama made me lasagne for dinner
  • i got a kitchen aid mixer! and a martha stewart cookie cook book (bake book?)
  • i had a latte (with real milk!)
  • i listened to some cbc podcasts while making mexican dip
  • i got this shirt from from my sis

and that is what you call a good birthday.

1 comment:

La Cabeza Grande said...

Happy Birthday, Lu! Sounds like you had a blast. I was about to say that the only thing I didn't understand was having "dieter washed." Then I remembered about your 4-wheeling German friend.

Rock on with your organizational tools and new underwear!