Tuesday, January 06, 2009

older than i look

i spent parts of the past two days in an orientation session at my new(ish) job. most of the people i had to deal with were co op students from various universities.

the first day i was filled with self righteousness as i thanked the gods that i had never been a business student who revelled in group work and was unable to think for myself. yes, yes, a huge generalisation and i know many business students who do not fit this mould at all (including my little sis), but i was taken aback with the utter lack of critical analysis amongst them and the way they just followed the guys who had the loudest voice. i am sure most of them were just doing all they could to get through their first professional day without an unzippered fly or their skirt tucked into their pantyhose, but even if i give them the benefit of the doubt, they were still irritating as all hell.

but then today, as i contended with questions and comments like 'what was africa like?' and 'sitting in a cubicle is so AWESOME!' i also thought that at least these kidlets have a job to do. i mean, an accountant is an accountant, right? and i am still struggling to figure out what it is i do and how it is i go about doing it.

blah, i hate it when your confidence takes a hit and you have a day filled with your own self righteousness back-to-back. it makes you feel like more of an ass. maybe that is karma?

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