Tuesday, January 20, 2009

hopeful dreams

in my dreams last night:
  • i had a visit from an ex boyfriend who was on a roadtrip and it seemed as though we were in kenya. or some other semi-tropical locale. we were bustling around trying to find fresh flowers in an old buick. or what i think was a buick.
  • i went to a private concert to celebrate obama's inauguration and i danced with him. i wonder how many other people in the world dreamed of uncle barry last night?

on the train this morning:

  • a lady fell down the stairs, launching her t ho's in the process, and was more than mortified. i really felt for her, i hope she knows that.
  • there was a big black dude sitting across from me in an obama t shirt and he was just happy. i wonder if he suspected that i am also feeling very hopeful today.


Christine said...

Okay, probably a really dumb question that's going to show how old and lame I am but what are t ho's?

lu said...

t ho's = tim horton's!

you learn something new everyday!

Anonymous said...

which ex-boyfriend? xoxo

lu said...

the one with the funny accent. well, funniest accent.