Wednesday, January 14, 2009

me and my brilliant ideas

  • why doesn't the city of calgary rent out retail space in their train stations? they would gain some revenue and not have to charge their patrons for the use of the parking lots AND there would then be coffee and nibblies available in the stations for people like me who could really use a little caffeine for my morning commute. the european train stations have realised the beauty of this idea and i used to love having a croissant and a coffee for my journeys.
  • i am totally weirded out when people talk to me when i am in the bathroom. picture this - you run into a colleague in the bathroom who is washing their hands and you greet them then slip into the stall to have a pee and then they start a conversation with you. i don't know if i should feel shy and uncomfortable with this, but i do. especially when you have to go back to your desk and sit next to the person!
  • day 3 of no dairy is going pretty well. i am not sure if my cold is finally clearing up or if it is the lack of dairy (apart from that cream cheese and milk in my coffee yesterday) that is responsible, but i hope to have a better picture by the end of the week. too bad soy milk tastes so awful in lattes, because i really do not have that much dairy apart from cheese (mmmmmm..... cheese) and lattes.
  • i thought i would stop by the mall on my way home from work last night. i did not intend to be running around the shops, trying to sneak in their doors before they closed at 9 in my mad quest for a bright coloured skinny belt. but there i was. 3 dresses, 2 sweaters, 1 ring, and 1 brightly coloured skinny belt later, i finally made my way home.


Riena said...

There used to be one at the Heritage Station. No idea why they closed it. Maybe it got robbed too often.

lu said...

and i recall there being one at anderson. a little kiosk that sold train tickets and drinks and things.

very similar to the one where i was nearly mugged in south africa, come to think of it so maybe safety/security are a problem.

k said...

I think it would be great if transit stations became little hubs of activity. They might become a little less dirty and a little more enjoyable.