Thursday, January 22, 2009

a full dance card

i am dealing with a titch of the overwhelmption* this week. having two jobs is starting to tax my time and energy levels; this week i had to juggle my commitments to fit them all into working hours. i am enjoying both my jobs (or contracts, i suppose i should say) for very different reasons and i am seeing a future for myself in both these roles. one of my priorities when i was searching for a job was to secure something that would allow me to segue back into the international (development?) world one day and i feel confident that i have managed that.

this week i also started my spanish classes and was told that i read like a mexican! which i am taking as compliment considering it was in spanish. i liked the way the language felt in my mouth and even caught myself thinking in spanish this morning.

tomorrow is the first run in my running clinic and i am worried for a few reasons. one being that i have been off the running scene for over 4 months and the other is that it is colder than a witch's tit outside and i am going to freeze my own off. whose idea was a running clinic in january anyways?!

contributing to the overwhelmption is my rather full social schedule. last night i went to the hockey game and i know that this particular complaint would fall on a lot of deaf ears, but what ever happened to respect? people booing for the american national anthem?? not cool, not cool at all. it was the first time i had seen a shootout live and that was rather exciting, but i was really embarassed that the whole saddledome booed for the other team's players when they were shooting. and the fighting, oh the fighting. i know that the gm of the flames says that it is an integral part of the game and you can't change it (the same line that don cherry throws out there too), but i just don't buy it. it is getting ridiculous and i feel as though i am at a ufc fight when i go to watch the good old hockey game.

and to round off my list of activities this week, i have also had a bridesmaid dress fitting, lunch with my banker/new top chum, coffee with a colleague of a colleague who is heading to kenya to volunteer, friends' birthday party, a jack and jill bridal shower, and a movie date with my sis!

* and before you go freaking out about how that is not a word, which i totally would, i completely and utterly acknowledge that i made it up, remember you are reading the person who cringes when they hear 'impact' used as a verb.


k said...

making up words: just fine
turning nouns into verbs: not cool at all

i am sure the running clinic will go fine. there will be lots of people with different ability levels and different goals and in various states of running. as long as you are there for you, i think it will all be fine. i have never wanted to join a clinic before, but if i was in calgary i'd join yours!

La Cabeza Grande said...

Oh boy! When you build a new life for yourself, you do not hold back. It's kind of wonderful to see :o)