Saturday, January 17, 2009

more trip dub action

if you live in calgary and want to check if your favourite lunch place could have been responsible for that stomach bug you caught, you can check their environmental health inspection reports and see if they had any health violations on recent inspections. i am sure this information is public in most cities, but i had never thought to look it up before.

in my meandering around the www today i also found this recipe for the concoction that supposedly gets any red wine stain out. i haven't tried it on my cream coloured jacket yet, but once i buy some peroxide, i will indeed.

and this website kept me occupied for a few minutes earlier this week when i should have been working. you can make yourself into a picasso and you can see mine here. fun!


k said...

On a brand new red wine stain, take the item of clothing (or the carpet or whatever) and put a pile of salt on it. The salt will absorb the wine (as long as it is still wet). then you can just vacuum it up. (or dump it off)

lu said...

what if the stain is a week old?! any tips?

lu said...

update - i used woolite and hydrogen peroxide and it worked like a charm. even after the stain had sat there for 3 weeks on a white wool coat!