Friday, March 12, 2010

way up

things really are looking up and here is proof:
  • the calgary parking authority sent me a cheque.  i am not sure exactly why, but i'll take the $50!
  • i gained a few new freckles on my morning run today.
  • it is friday and i got to go for a morning run.
  • freckles only come when there is sun!
  • i used my free starbies drink coupon that they sent me for my birthday because i registered my starbucks card
  • i searched through my drawers and found 4 totally wearable bikinis to take to mexico so no need to purchase a new one


k said...

I don't get it- I've had registered cards since they first were able to be registered and have never gotten my free drink coupon :(

Glad you were able to enjoy yours!

lu said...

i almost went into stabies on my birthday to tell them that it was my birthday and i hadn't received my free drink. what a doofus i would've been if i did that beacuse i didn't know they would post it to me.

they were 6 weeks late in sending it... so maybe yours will still come?!

La Cabeza Grande said...

Be happy for Mexico! And that you can wear bikinis. Ole!