Wednesday, March 10, 2010

things are looking up

here are some thoughts to prove that i am not just a big grumpy guts lately.
  • i had an awesome run tonight at quite the clip, making me feel as though i am really improving and that my lungs are in great shape.  during this time round training for a 1/2 marathon, my calves are not growing at an exponential rate and looking huge (as they did last time i increased my distances like this).  i think i must have adjusted my gait in the past few years because i am not having the calf pain and subsequent cramps, which could have been behind those enormous calves (and ladies, enormous calves are not the easiest to dress...)
  • sometimes i need to be forced to take a break and often, this comes in the form of a sickness that forces me to STOP.  but not this time.  this time i have planned a trip to mexico to stay at this lovely place with my most favourite people in the world, my fam.  i know we are going to have a blast and the countdown is on for the best family vacation ever!
  • as an aside, the guys on american idol are really kicking the girls arses this season.  i love the kid with the mullet.  any 16 year old that loves ray lamontagne as much as i do (and has a shameless mullet), gets my vote.  if i lived in the u.s of a.  and voted for american idol contestants.
  • i am now trained to conduct audits (specifically on environmental management systems, but the principles translate to other areas that i have some knowledge) and i think that i would be a really good auditor.  anal retentive?  yes.  keen attention to detail?  yes.  sort of nosy?  yes.  blunt and tells it like it is?  yes.  see?  totally up my alley.  i think there is a lot of overlap between auditing and monitoring and evaluation (in un speak) so here's hoping i will be able to apply what i have learned over the last 3 days during future career steps.
  • going back to tv again for a momento, glee's new episodes will be starting soon, yippee.
  • this weekend, i have plans to head to a movie with one of my girlfriends who i haven't seen in awhile and i have a date with another friend to go hiking or for a nice walk. 
things are looking up.


Anonymous said...

beware...ryan is planning on wearing his tiger print speedo and taylor his leopard print thong...on the the daylight....yikes! xo

k said...

mmm...beach vacation...

I was just wondering about glee yesterday. Glad you're on top of it!

And I'm glad you don't have giant calves or giant cramps, both aren't easy to deal with :)

(are you doing a may half? or perhaps one in april?

lu said...

a may 1st half, although i am still on the fence if i will actually run the race as races are not really my thing.

DJ Taurus said...

Have a blast in PV!!! It's so gorgeous there. Careful, though, when you land. When I got there, the AC in the airport wasn't functioning. I was so excited that it didn't even matter:) Take awesome pics!

lu said...

i just have to say it here, my little mullet is now off american idol. how did that happen? and the girl with the silver hair too, that didn't make much sense.

addicted. blaming my pvr...