Saturday, March 13, 2010

ironing + beer - ruffles = contentment

i just spent the last few hours ironing whilst enjoying a cold beer.  there were more than a few times i thought, 'why do i insist on buying so many shirts with ruffles?' and 'i used to pay people to do this for me!' and 'why didn't my mom ever grab a beer when she was doing this?'

now admittedly, i like ironing more than the average person, but i have a word of advice for the intertubes here.  when you feel as though life is overwhelming you, do your ironing.  it is amazing how much better you can feel if you just tackle the pile of wrinkled fabrics.  the rest will follow.


La Cabeza Grande said...

Good, practical advice. You're literally ironing things out.

DJ Taurus said...

great idea! i found that cleaning vegetables is helpful when stress sets in (especially cilantro and carrots!)

lu said...

i also love chopping vegetables to ease the stress, but i wouldn't wish chopping cilantro on my worse enemy - one of my least favourite things to chop and i usually just use a pair of scissors to snip it up!