Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a simple request

all i am asking for this week is a few more hours in each day. 

not hours that can be used for sleeping, but hours that can be used for preparing presentations for high schools, visiting with friends in from out of town, time to fit in all of my runs (and all of those hills...). 

i would really appreciate some extra time to collect my package from the post office, to attend all of the meetings i have scheduled for my day job, to mentally prepare to be on the panel discussion following both screenings of What Are We Doing Here? this week. 

i need hours for thoughtful wedding gift shopping, for shoulder season hikes, and for attending a workshop on temporary foreign workers in alberta, and for paying those parking and red light ticket.

i also wouldn't mind some time to sort out if i am interested in dating my neighbour.  it should be so simple, but it never is.


La Cabeza Grande said...

Oh boy, wish I could help you out. It might help if you consider the opposite problem: having all the time and nothing to do = madness or a verification word that's too close to the truth "faters"

k said...

the shopping, and potentially ticket paying you can probably do online...so that saves the travel time.

i hope you find enough hours AND get some sleep too :)