Sunday, September 13, 2009

what the future holds

(september 5, 2009)

i recently went to see a psychic. or maybe she calls herself a medium. or a spiritual counsellor. but whatever she calls herself, it was rather interesting...

a brief synopsis of what she suspects is in my future:
  • i will be married in a few years and i am walking towards this, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the moment
  • i will have two job opportunities that are incredibly interesting and great fits for me fall into my lap in about 8 months’ time
  • these jobs will take me to the eastern part of canada, either toronto or ottawa and will be in the area of law, lobbying, politics, or government
  • i will eventually do a phd, but not until sometime in my 30’s and not until after i finish the internal debate between a phd or going to law school
  • my anxiety will also even itself out in my mid 30’s and this will have a lot to do with the person i marry and how steady and dependable he apparently will be
  • my new nest will be tonnes of fun for me and my door will constantly revolve with all the entertaining i will do, but ultimately, i will love the silence of living alone
  • my job right now pays the bills and that is about all, which is fine and necessary for this stage in my life
  • no matter what job i do, i will stand in front of people and deliver information and presentations, eventually leading to a career as a professor and a consultant for international organisations
  • i have been in transition for over a year and i am preparing for the next big change, even though i do not realise it
it was a very positive experience to listen to someone else tell me everything will be ok and even when things do not make sense or feel as though they are on the right path, they are. i am. and it was pretty cool to hear someone else’s perspective on your own life, recent changes, and what is to come. i have no idea how she manages to ‘see’ these things or how i feel about the idea that some things are meant to be or are predetermined, but it was an interesting exercise for me.
it looks like everything is coming up roses. or whatever that saying is!


Heather said...

I've always been very curious to see a psychic, but part of me really doesn't want to hear what they have to say. I wonder if having some of that information would change the way you react in certain situations... If you meet someone you like, would you be quicker to commit because you know you that, according to the psychic, you will be married in a few years? (subconsciously). I'm so curious, but at the same time I'm not. Does that make sense?

Either way, it seems like everything seems positive, which is good!

lu said...

i suppose everyone would react differently, but it wasn't the first time that i had ever seen this woman (and if you want a recommendation, i will pass her number to you because she is AWESOME and very positive) and i don't think that it changed the way that i reacted in situations in the past.

but i do think that what she stayed at the back of my mind and that if you are not ready to have some ideas of the future in your head rather constantly, then it might not be for you.

as someone who naturally loves to plan, dream, and think about the future, it works for me. somehow gives me some sort of confidence that things will be ok. which sounds to me like what some people get from their faith.

Heather said...

I would agree that it's very similar that feeling that people get from religion or faith. And I'm sure initially, you'd think about it a lot, and slowly it would become less important (or in your regular thoughts). A friend of mine had a reading done, and she was told that she would not become a nurse (which she was in school for) and instead be a creative writer, which she had never even considered. It really made her second guess if she was in the right program at school... Though today she's a nurse and hasn't thought about creative writing since!

Anyway, it IS interesting! I would be so curious!

lu said...

i think that demonstrates the importance of going to someone who has been referred and you can trust that they a) actually do know something that you do not and b) are going to be positive and not crush your dreams.

i guess it is like doctors - half of them graduated in the bottom of their class and just because they are doctors don't mean they are GOOD doctors. same with psychics. or mediums. or spiritual counsellors. or whatever!