Friday, September 18, 2009

modesty withheld

you know all my bitching and complaining that international development doesn't work? well, maybe it does.* or maybe the projects that i worked on actually did make a difference to someone. here is why:
  • the unhcr made a landmark decision to grant refugee status to victims of trafficking based on the fact that they cannot return home because they were trafficked (and i was one of the people who provided them with assistance). it only took 3 years...
  • the first charges of human trafficking were laid in western canada last week (on a case that i am familiar with and that is about all i can say about that)
  • my company is winning an award for their involvement in a local non-profit organisation, partly because of the work i have put in to plan this year's united way campaign (that kicks off next week, so get your wallets out people)

* but it doesn't on the grand scheme, i am just having a moment here


k said...

enjoy your moment, and then get back to work :)

Sara said...

the first line of your post reminded me of the picture grandma goldie had that said "quit yer bitchin'"
not that it has anything to do with this post, but i thought i would share my thoughts!!