Friday, September 04, 2009

madly, deeply in love

i have fallen madly and deeply in love with my new nest. you might think that this is an impossibility (to be so in love with an inanimate object), but you would be wrong and here are the reasons why:
  • i have a dishwasher! this probably does not come as a surprise to anyone in north america, but in any of the places i have ever lived on my own i have never had a dishwasher. and that is a lot of dishes to do by hand. here, i get excited when i have used up enough dishes to necessitate a wash (and it doesn't happen with only little ol me here)
  • living by myself is amazing and i had forgotten how wonderful it really is. i can sleep with my door wide open, wander around in the nude looking for my dental floss, listen to music or talk on the phone as loudly as i like, and when i want it, the silence is just grand.
  • i can see a grocery store, a liquor store, and 2 starbucks from my front door. really.
  • although incredibly expensive, buying furniture for my nest is fun.
  • having people over for meals is one of my favourite things. especially when they cook everything, bring it all over, defrost crave cupcakes for the occassion, drag along picnic blankets to sit on, and give me housewarming gifts that have my name written all over them. my friends are great.
  • my fam helped me move my stuff in, wash all my new dishes, and christen my home by cheers-ing with ice-cold beer. my family is awesome.
  • my to do list has grow exponentially. i love lists. and i love checking things off to do lists.
  • baths on sunday mornings because you don't have a shower curtain yet are fine, just fine.
  • i now live 5km away from my office. and my own home office is pretty swell too.
  • spending a whack load of money on fine, german flatware is sort of like a big 'eat this!' to the universe. i love a substantial spoon. and i love that i can afford to buy own.


Riena said...

Ahh.. Independence...doesn't it feel great?

Kels said...

sounds so darn great that i wish i could come over right this minute. happy housewarming!

k said...

Oh a dishwasher...I very much understand the dishwasher! I'm glad you are in love with the nest!

Anonymous said...

yay for your flatware....enjoy!

Lee Ryan said...