Sunday, September 13, 2009

shiny samsung

for the first time in my life, i own a tv. a nice tv. a tv that was on sale, which makes it even a better tv, as far as i am concerned.

and what have i watched so far? the ctv news, a sunday in kigali (in french. do i speak french? no, but i read the book and pieced things together between the images, the bits of french i can read, and captions), a cbc show where mp peter mckay trains with the canadian military for a few days, and the last epidsode of grey's anatomy from last season.

did izzy die? did george die? do meredith and mcdreamy ever get married? will bailey and her husband really get a divorce?

but more importantly, do you think that izzy or george died???


Heather said...


we got a new tv tooo!!

Heather said...

(My guess is george, based on the tabloids talking about stuff..)

I felt the need to explain for some reason...

lu said...

but do you think they BOTH died??

i think george dies, but i am not so sure if izzy does. i don't think she will, but i think the whole next season will be about her rehabilitation and i think she will have a major personality change as a result of her brain tumour.

did you happen to also get a pvr and have any idea how to hook it up?!

Sara said...

george will die in the first espisode and izzy will hang on for a few epsiodes.
i think george is the obvious answer because nobody comes back from where we was, it was way to drastic. and even if he did, he would never look the same and are they really going to give him some intense make up every single episode?
obviously i have given this no thought over the summer ;)