Tuesday, September 08, 2009

poor dieter

first, back on august long weekend, someone in sicamose with much too much anger inside of them decided it would be a great idea in the middle of a sweltering afternoon outside of a grocery store to put their lit cigarette out on dieter's hood. not the metal part of the hood, but the plastic bit where the windshield wipers come out, leaving a small burn hole and their nasty cigarette butt.

then, when i was nearly back in town after a weekend trip to edmonton, a rock caught the corner of dieter's windshield, leaving a small crack that i quickly had repaired by the lovely people at speedy auto glass. they warned me that in about 10% of cases, the crack will spread after they repair it, essentially making a small problem worse and it was just dieter's luck that this is precisely what happened to him. so now there is a crack that sweeps around to the edge of the windshield, but at least it is outside of my line of vision when i drive.

and then (and then!) last night after driving back from a weekend at the cabin (in a dieter that has never been dirtier thanks to a rain shower and extremely dusty roads), i noticed that someone has taken a key to his passenger side! i am not sure exactly how you repair a key scratch, of if you can (any ideas or suggestions?!), but what is wrong with people who would do that to someone else's property? that is all i can think of. and, of course, how i feel badly for not taking proper care of dieter, although i suppose there isn't much that i could have done and i have been driving him around town a lot lately to carry out my nesting.


Heather said...

pooor dieter. Is your car black? Mine is, and I know any little tiny scratch shows up much more on black. I'm not sure how to fix it, but I think it might involve a new paint job.

k said...

for some reason, i read "dieter" as "one who diets" and i wondered why you were on a diet and what you did to make you a bad dieter (and hoped it involved something really tasty)

Here's a "DIY" step by step to un-scratching your car, but it isn't something I'd do myself: http://www.popularmechanics.com/automotive/how_to/4216365.html

And for a video of a man with very dirty hands:

lu said...

my car is black so i am sure that doesn't help matters. but i sure hope it doesn't involve an entire paint job.

and i read 'diter' like diet-er too so then i had to google the name and make sure i had not misspelled my poor car's name this whole past year! but gratefully, i found out that it is spelled as such.

lu said...

i meant 'dieter,' but i am sure you assumed that...

La Cabeza Grande said...

It's weird how some people will take out their anger and frustration on other people's property without one thought about the trouble they cause. But let someone touch their stuff and holy hell breaks loose.

Sorry for Dieter's slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.