Thursday, September 17, 2009

a mid autumn night's update

i have wanted to post all week, but somehow life kept getting in the way. i promise a post that does not include bullet points will be forthcoming.

here are things that are new since we last spoke:
  • i have put together more furniture and loved the problem solving of it
  • i rid myself of a boyfriend that i had managed to acquire these past few months
  • during and after the Break Up, i felt absolutely ok about it all. my life did not crumble. my spirit did not take a hit. i was a little disappointed so i took a nap.
  • then i scheduled 3 dates for this week. because i can. 2 down, 1 to go.
  • i went to a luncheon where $60,000 was raised to open a shelter for victims of human trafficking (but none of that was my money as i didn't like their world vision-y style of fundraising)
  • i made a delicious dinner for my first dinner guest at the nest - salmon with caramelised leeks was the centrepiece and i invented a berry crumble for dessert
  • my company is a major sponsor of the honen's piano competition and i had the pleasure of spending over an hour today listening to a previous winner play a grand piano at my office (and i love the design of this year's programme so go over and take a look)
  • i was given tickets to tonight's flames game, but couldn't find anyone i wanted to spend a few hours with who wasn't already busy so i gave them away to a summer student who then asked me if i wanted to go with him. the guy's got guts!
  • one of my closest friends invited me to her wedding. it will be in england. in december. i hope i can wear a hat!
  • i obtained a lucky lady deal from the shop where i bought my bookshelves and i will now have them delivered for free. yay for not having to find someone to carry them up the stairs to my front door!
  • speaking of that front door. it happens to be right beside the front door of a rather dapper young gentleman. i know nothing about him, but my friend did suggest that i look at his mail and see if i can find out his name and then i could google him. because that is totally not crazy at all!


k said...

or just smile at him, a lot. maybe drop something and see if he picks it up for you...

lu said...

if i tried to intentionally drop something, i'd probably end up throwing it at his feet and looking like a fool!!

smiling i can handle though!