Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a whole lot of nothing

that is what this election was, a whole lot of nothing. pretty much the same result (including rob anders and jason kenney, way to go calgary!) and it cost multiple millions of canadians' dollars. yippee.

though, working the election was quite interesting; i met a nice lady that i like to call mimi who was my poll clerk and we chatted about politics (even though i am sure you are not really supposed to) and religion and although we disagreed or saw things differently, i hope i opened her eyes a little so she can stop feeling sorry for muslim women.

it hurt my heart a little each time i had to read aloud 'harper' while we were counting the votes, but at least it is not a majority. and hello, ndp riding in alberta! go edmonton.

i must admit that the riding of calgary southwest is a lot more diverse than i ever gave it credit for and that made me happier. i was also proud when new canadians whipped out their crisp canadian citizenship cards (which the government should really make look prettier, like the maple cards) or when i had to explain the riding and party system to new voters. although the lowest voter turn out in canada's history is pretty much the most embarassing thing ever.

and, the whole system of going through people's identification reminded me handling the ugliest, dirtiest identity documents and financial statements when i worked at the salvation army one year. but it also reminded me of how fascinating i find it when you get a glimpse into people's lives through those same documents. call me nosy, i suppose.

now, back to focusing on the us presidential election, which promises to be a hell of a lot more interesting than ours.

Monday, October 13, 2008

voting day at google

if you are one of those people whose day doesn't include accessing, do it today! those clever geeks over there have given those of us participating in democracy a treat.

the eff word

i was out shopping with one of my oldest friends this past week and she was in the market for new tableware. i just went along for the ride and to help with decisions, as friends do. but a set of dishes caught my eye and it just so happened that they were gordon ramsay's line from royal doulton.

i left it for a few days and spoke to the soldier about it, who just wanted to clarify that it was gordon fucking ramsay's fucking dishes before agreeing that i should go and buy them. so today i meandered back to the bay and had a surprise that there was an additional sale on my dishes for my as-yet-non-existent home.

so, royal doulton is good, right? and spending money on decent dishes is a good idea, right? and they are quite fucking nice, right?!

it's good to have hobbies

last weekend it was canning, this weekend it was painting!

i started at 4pm on saturday and wasn't in bed until after 2am. i had to laugh that years ago it would have been me and some ladies stumbling home from a night out at that time on a saturday, but now i am standing with a paintbrush in my hand, talking about the stippling technique, the challenge of mixing a good purple, and creative license.

it was so much fun! my painting is three quarters done and i cannot wait to get back to it to finish it. it's also nice to know things i learned in high school art class are applicable 10 years later.

i am working at the federal election tomorrow (while i sit back and watch my potential employers fight over me, or something like that) and i am less excited about being a deputy returning officer than about the outcome of the election. who will it be and, perhaps more importantly, by how much?!

and now i am watching the tv show 17 kids and counting. if ever there is a time to use the phrase WTF, it is now. i mean, WTF are these people thinking?! nearly 18 children, the girls only wear skirts, they don't date, and home schooled? and then they let people film it to put it on television for people like me to watch like a bad car accident, i just cannot turn away...

i hope you got to eat some turkey or dressing today. happy thanksgiving! i have a lot to be thankful for this year, as always.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Monday, October 06, 2008

a monday

it is monday and i am still not gainfully employed, but am employed for one day with elections canada so i can really revel in all that is a federal election. and make some monies.

to prepare, i voted in the early polls today and loved every second that it took me to make my X. i am shocked that so many canadians do not practice their civic duty and cast their ballot. and i have said it before, but people in other countries have risked their lives to be sure their voice is heard. so canadians, get it together, get your arse to your polling station, and participate in democracy already!

i am feeling more confident in who i want to win the election just because it is the lesser of the two doofuses so october 14th could get a bit tense.

and. and! and i am beginning the last countdown towards the day when my (soon to be former) soldier arrives in calgary to move into the new love nest (aka, my parents' basement). 14 days to go! flights are booked, visas have been granted, and finishing touches are being put on an 8 year military career. and not a moment too soon...

and yeah, this job search is getting old. i know that the job search is a full time job, that it is who you know, and that it takes time, blah, blah, blah, but i am already getting frustrated and deflated. i need to dig up some tenacity and perseverance to stretch my motivation.

canning pride


i have spent a few days canning things lately, beets and salsa with my mom and peaches, tomatoes, and more beets with my best kitchen friend. i felt as though i was channeling the knowledge of my foremothers who have been doing this for centuries and it just seems like such an appropriate autumn activity.

but, as with every new skill, you live and you learn. so waiver forms stating that i am not responsible for any botulism that you contract and soggy peaches aside, i think it was a complete success!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

darn tooting!

neither palin nor biden are inspiring me at all during their debate. not one bit at all. biden thinks you can intervene in other countries uninvited and palin, well, she just smiles that silly smile all the time. she hasn't said anything disastrous yet, but still.

and what do i think about that other debate? i think that dion rocked it in both french and english. and who knew that duceppe spoke such eloquent english? who knew a separatist had such a command of the language of the oppressor? i do like the cut of his jib.

and global warming be damned, today i liked sitting in the sun and reading a book in october. i even got a few new freckles and a little rosy. in october! this just goes to show that i am totally justified in kicking the next person in the shins who says, 'oh, you are from canada, you must love the cold weather.' i say shut up and come enjoy summer in october at the foot of the rocky mountains to see for yourself.