Monday, July 19, 2010

seeking book recommendations for qualitative research methodologies

it would make a lot of sense to post this on facebook, but for some reason i don't want my worlds colliding at the moment.

so, blogging interwebs, do you have any recommendations on good books that give a good overview on social science research methods, with particular reference to survey and semi-structured interview question design?


k said...

I don't have any specific recommendations, but check out the International Institute for Qualitative Methodologies
If there are no suggestions for books, I'm sure there are some people who might be able to suggest something.

lu said...

i should've known you would have a suggestion, k!

thanks, i will look into it.

lu said...

if anyone is interested, i went with Alan Bryman's Social Research Methods, here's hoping my absence from statistical research for 7 years is not a hindrance to understanding any of it!