Sunday, July 11, 2010

ready or not, juan, here i come!

i am not sure if i have committed myself to something that is far over my head, but in three short weeks, i will be hiking the juan de fuca trail on vancouver island.  i haven't done any overnight hiking in years and haven't been running or doing much of anything too active for weeks, so this might turn out to be the stupidest decision i have ever made or the challenge that i need right now.

it is less than 42km and we will be doing it over 4 days so that is less than 12km per day, which sounds rather doable.  until, of course, i consider i will be carrying everything i need on my back!

i have expressed my anxieties about this endeavour to my friend who i am going with and he has assured me that he will carry the heavy stuff and will be there to make sure that i get up all the hills and across all the puddles.  but still, i am scared.

but considering my recent wobbles and general attitude about my life lately, maybe this is what i need?

it didn't help that when i googled the hike (on my new, as yet unnamed, but beloved) laptop, i found the following quote:
"The Juan de Fuca trail is one of the most difficult trails I've ever hiked. There's tons of mud, puddles, rain, difficult-to-negotiate exposed roots, steep up and downs, blow-downs and cobbles." He also admits, "It's one of the most beautiful regions I've hiked through, but you earn it, that's for sure."
all i am going to say is that there may be tears.


Heather said...


k said...

The tears will just make the finish feel that much better.
Have a great time and good luck!

lu said...

the tears followed by an ice cold beer!!

Sandra said...

Yay! That will be a blast. I did the west coast trail last summer and yes, it is hard, but so worth it! Honestly one of the most beautiful places in the world. Let me know if you need any gear!

lu said...

i might take you up on that offer of gear! let me just get myself sorted on what i need and i will be in touch!