Tuesday, July 20, 2010

number crunching

i posted a comment over at flotsam, where on her fifth year blogging anniversary she ran some numbers.  a good idea i thought, so i am posting my comment here with a few more items that i have thought of since.

children conceived: 0
live babies acquired: 0
men married: 0
apartments lived in: 5
books written: 1 (if you count a thesis)
degrees acquired: 1
unfamiliar countries visited: 17
unfamiliar states visited: 0
couches owned: 5
pets felled by disease/neglect: 0
days admitted to hospital: 0
literary rejections received: 0 (but i have received a number of professsional rejections!)
pounds gained: -10
kidney stones passed: 0

and a few of my own:

humanitarian emergencies survived: 1
doctors dated: 3
soldiers dated: 1
teachers dated: 1
statisticians dated: 1
pilots dated: 2
hunters dated: 1
houses purchased: 1
heartbreaks suffered: 1
countries lived in: 4
tropical diseases contracted: 1
blogs maintained: 1
social networking profiles created: 3
social networking profiles maintained: 1
bottles of wine consumed: even if i remembered to count, i wouldn't have had the capacity to at the time
laptops owned: 3
cars named dieter driven: 1
grandparents lost: 2
jobs held: 3, 2 concurrently
tattoos inked: 2
bites of chicken consumed: 3 +/-
itunes songs collected: 4715
languages learned: 1/8
photographs taken: 1000s, maybe even 10,000s
friends met, books read, and tears shed: statistics unavailable until technology improves!

i would love to hear what you have to say about your last 5 years!


k said...

I'll have to do a post...I suppose I have a few numbers :)

Mymsie said...

Hee :) Love your list!

Sara said...

i love love love this post!