Tuesday, October 27, 2009


the past two weekends have been great, the first i had my girlfriends over for wine and cheese and i was furiously running around getting all my pictures hung, bringing a rather large bench up two flights of stairs, tidying, and preparing my nest to welcome its first official guests.

then this past weekend i threw a housewarming party and i think it went really well.  again, i tidied, made my bed, hid my messes in closets, dusted, arranged my 'stuff,' and got the nest ready to welcome about 40 people on saturday night.  things are still not entirely back to normal around here, but i finally got through the dishes last night.  and man, do i miss my housekeeper in kenya!  (we used to have her come over the day of a party to do all the tidying and then the next day to deal with the aftermath when we were still sleeping it off).

in addition to attempting to be a good host, i have also been overwhelmed with work lately.  i was down in brooks, medicine hat, and lethbridge to facilitate workshops and although i love doing that type of work, the driving was rather tiresome (even though i listened to my first audiobook, Say You're One of Them by Uwem Akpan, which made me smile with memories of life in nairobi and although that story might not make others smile the same way, i still recommend the book as its short stories do a decent job to describe life in african cities without all the usual pity and condescension). 

i am not leaving calgary anytime soon and am ecstatic about relaxing, enjoying all the nesting i have been doing, and just resting.  once i catch up on sleep and feel a bit stronger, i need to get outside and back running because nobody likes an indicator pant!


k said...

I do love the term indicator pant though...
Jordan does the audio book thing for his commutes. He's quite enjoying it. (and so am i...i listen to them running or walking, or sometimes while making dinner)

lu said...

the only downside i can see to the audiobook is that i started to feel a bit sleep while i was listening to it, so that might be not be best whilst driving!

Heather said...

I forgot what that meant until just now.

I ran with audio books when I trained for my first half marathon. Harry Potter all the way! I think Matt listens to them sometimes while at work too. I think the key is choosing an action packed not too thought provoking so that it's interesting enough to keep you awake, but not so interesting that you need to devote all your focus to it.

PS I am in love with your HOUSE.

lu said...

getting harry potter audio books is a great idea, especially because i have never read them!

and thank you, i am sure my house would appreciate your love! i quite like it too.