Monday, October 19, 2009

it will revolutionize your life

what will revolutionize your life, you ask? the PVR, i tell you!

the ability to save television programmes for later viewing with the push of a button is really fantastic and is totally changing the way i live. really. and for the better. instead of watching more tv, like some people suggested, i tend to watch the stuff that i actually want to watch rather than the crap that is on when i feel like sitting on the couch and relaxing.

for instance, i caught up on So You Think You Can Dance Canada and Oprah on sunday when i felt like doing little else than napping on the couch under a warm blanket.

and with the beauty of the PVR, i can now watch my newest television crush, Mike Rowe and his Dirty Jobs. he is hilarious and i love his off the cuff humour along with his honest reactions to doing some of the grossest things i can imagine!

it also makes it a lot easier to watch Grey's Anatomy. not that i am too thrilled with this season... i knew they would get rid of Izzie, but this newest plot twist of her taking off on Karev just seems way too easy and i don't buy it. i am not buying many of the storylines apart from Callie and Arizona right now, come to think of it.


S said...

I know, right? Best thing ever! I can set it in advance to record Say Yes to the Dress and whatever other silly shows I enjoy (like Making the Squad: the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders). I'm no longer tied to my house on a good t.v. night and I no longer have to futz with multiple vcrs and switching tapes.

I'm curious what the P in PVR stands for, though. We call them DVRs in my neck of the woods. (D for digital.)

k said...

I think the "P" is for "personal"

I wish I had one, but I already spend so much for TV that I can't justify the extra little bit more. But it really would be nice to be able to record shows that are at the same time that i already watch another show...