Thursday, October 29, 2009

this, too, is a true story

here are some things that happened to me yesterday:
  • i tamed my crazy and it worked out for the best
  • well, this
  • i met a really nice, really handsome police officer and felt a bit like a voyeur seeing his badge
  • i ate a cheeseburger at the hockey game and man, was it ever delicious
  • i was sort of asked to join another board, but this time because of the way i am always dressed so nicely and they thought that that might encourage men to join the board as well... i think it was mostly a joke
  • i got another package in the mail from california from a lovely etsy seller.  and it is double exciting because it is going to be a gift!
  • i managed to answer a lot of tough questions from a tough crowd at a workshop i facilitated


La Cabeza Grande said...

How the heck does one tame ones crazy? I am impressed.

lu said...

well, that was a bit of an overstatement because i only just moderated the crazy, not tamed it entirely.

but it took a few check-in's with my sister and friends to run my crazy by them before letting it get to me. that helped a lot.