Friday, July 24, 2009

summer in the city

i am deeply, deeply in love with summer this year and this past week pretty much sums up why. i will give you a point form description of how it all went down:
  • i have sat on a total of 5 patios this week
  • i have been on 3 dates, with 1 more to go tonight
  • i finally got myself to Farm for the first time and got back to Alloy for a second time
  • i had made an executive decision that instead of sitting in my dank office, i would take tuesday afternoon off and drink white wine with a colleague
  • i have worn skirts, dresses, or shorts to work everyday this week
  • i have not had to bring a coat in case it got chilly or i was afraid it would rain
  • i looked at 2 places that could be my potential new home
  • i have been out for lunch 4 days in a row
  • i have eaten creme brule twice in as many days


La Cabeza Grande said...

Now this is what I call Happy!

k said...

it has rained here every day for the last two weeks

i have sat on no patios

i've worn skirts anyway

i never have to bring a sweater in the summer in ottawa, but this year i do. (although as i am not a fan of the oppressive ottawa heat, i don't feel like i should complain.)

jealous of the creme brulee

i'm glad you're having a great summer! (my guess is that august will be better here)

S said...

Since I finished my big, nasty work project, I have taken afternoons off to go drink wine or margaritas or mojitos. Sometimes with colleagues, sometimes by myself. The second half of summer has been much better than the first half.

Glad your entire summer is so heavenly!