Sunday, July 19, 2009

bruised, battered, and better for it

i’ve spent this weekend at the cabin and i am wondering how i lived in the years before having the option of heading down here for a weekend!

but first, the bruised and battered portion: i have managed to bruise both legs and both arms through either tubing and/or jumping out of and reboarding the boat after having some mid-lake pees while drinking cold beer in the hot, southern albertan sun. there was also a little sand in the bottom of the tube while i was in it and let’s just say it was a little abrasive on the cheeks!

laying in the sun, i worked my way through two issues of The Economist, began a new book that i am taking notes from i am enjoying it so much, and even managed to type up some work-related correspondence. i also got to chill out with my bros and parents and catch up with decades-long family friends.

funny isn’t it, that without the guilt of having to be doing something, i can get so much more done?! not having television, mobile phone coverage, or internet helps too.

anyone want to join me next weekend for another one?!


k said...

um, YES PLEASE. that sounds much more fun than packing up an apartment...which is what I'm doing.

Sara said...

me! me! pick me!!!

lu said...

sara, i am pretty sure YOU were what was missing this past weekend. of course, if k wanted to join, i think that would just increase the fun level! consider yourself (and jordan) invited if you are ever in town and need a break from the city!

lu said...

apparently my ma thinks i invited 'the whole world' to the cabin by posting this on the www, but really, it is just an open invitation to the 5 of you who read this!