Monday, July 27, 2009

all you get is this list

  • i promise that i have more posts about thailand in me. i will get to them as soon as i am ready to fight with blogger to post photos again
  • my hair had a dye job today and i am a lot more blonde than i anticipated!
  • another saturday afternoon spent on the banks of the lake at the cabin, ahhhhhh...
  • i found a house i want to live in. and now for the stressful part, i will let you know how it goes
  • after a month long hiatus, i went for a run. it was tough, but at least it was 6km
  • i am going houseboating this weekend with a bunch of women i don't know. sometimes i make spontaneous decisions. most often they are the best decisions
  • dating lots of men is fun, dating only one might be a titch more difficult


La Cabeza Grande said...

Onward and upward, Lu. Houseboating with strangers sounds like such an adventure.

k said...

that last statement cracks me up- not sure why- but i love it.

lu said...

i am telling you k, it is SO true!