Wednesday, July 29, 2009

6 month goal update

1 - get enough sleep. this continues to go well, but perhaps at the expense of other things. things like making it to work on time and waking up early enough to be prepared for my day.

2 - buy a home. done! and eek! and wow, i am an adult! and yay! and scary! but i think i will love my new nest and i cannot wait to be poor while i fill it with the things you need to live like a kitchen table, the internet, and other essential, pretty things.

3 - reduce my level of anxiety. i am winning this battle so much so that soon i will get to take less medication for it and return to my natural state with a few more tools in my toolbox on how to handle sticky and stressful situations.

4 - take better photos. i have been told that the best way to take better photos is to take MORE photos and as far as this goes, i am doing fantastically well. i have some favourite photos from san francisco and thailand and will surely collect more as the summer progresses.

my next step is to find a photography class in the fall to learn more about how a camera even works.

5 - become financially confident. with recent purchases, including a new nest, i am not so sure that i can have confidence in my financial decisions, but i think that is goes along with the enormity of this purchase in comparison to my past financial decisions so i am ok with that. and hello, a new nest! my very own nest!

6 - be happy where i am. although this city can get to me at times, it has been pretty hard not to be happy where i have been lately. things are good. really good.

7 - visit friends who live in other places. i continue to crap out on this goal, but in my defense i did travel around thailand with a fabulous friend and we are now much closer because of our 3 week intimacy of sharing the same room, nursing one another through tropical illness, and overnight train journeys that tested patience.

in addition to thailand, i am also going houseboating with a friend who i've known for years and our relationship has really matured and developed since i have moved home, which i think is equally fantastic. and i hope to have a few new friends at the end of this long weekend, and who doesn't love new friends?!

in a reverse of this goal, there is also a friend from england who seems quite serious about coming for a canadian visit this winter, which would be splendid.

8 - make the best dating decisions for me. (the goal formally known as sort out my relationship). at the moment, this is the goal that frightens me the most, but one that i have made considerable progress on. and by progress, i mean i have been on a lot of dates in the past few months and have met some pretty wonderful men. i am not one to divulge the secrets of my relationship to the world (aka, the internet), but let's just say i have made some good decisions. and we will see where those decisions now lead. and, yay.


Sara said...

YES! i love all of your updates and i think you have done a great job on your goals (speaking from actually seeing you achive them).

congrats on the new love shack, i can't wait to see it!

2009 is your year...

k said...

YOU GOT IT?!?!?! Congratulations!!!!! (ok, too many exclamation points, but it is very exciting)

La Cabeza Grande said...

Outstanding news, Lu! Congratulations on achieving so many of your goals - especially a home of your own!

lu said...

thank you, thank you, and thank you.

as cheesey as it may sound, my little internet community has been a real support through 2009 and even previously, so a genuine thank you!