Thursday, November 13, 2008


i think i have had reverse culture shock in previous eras (like when i moved home from an exchange in mexico when i was 19), but lately i have been feeling rather immune from the challenges of returning to your home country after spending extended periods of time in a foreign place. even if that foreign place is a developing country (i think the the guilt and anxiety felt from returning to mega-consumption, waste-production, and the paradox of choice after living with less is more difficult).

but i have determined my current challenge in this readjustment to north american life. i have become used to giving cheek kisses to greet people from living in the uk and then with people from all over the world, including oft kissed nations. the only challange was figuring out if the other person was a once, twice, or thrice kisser.

i have now been home for 2 months and have had the luxury of seeing friends a number of times, but i find the greeting bit of any activity mildly awkward as i have been so used to hugging everyone (it has usually been the only time i get to grace them with my company). now, it seems a week apart is not enough for a hug, yet cheek kisses are not in vogue in canada.

small issue, but something that crossed my mind as i met a friend for dinner last night.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up. Don't let us stuff American slow down the love. Just give the a hug & kiss anyway. I think you'll be shocked how it changes things. Life is too short for lame traditions of stuffiness!

La Cabeza Grande said...

Start a trend: globalize your greetings!