Thursday, November 13, 2008

arias and gonads

when a friend asked if i'd be interested in joining her for an evening of opera at the jubilee auditorium, it took me only a few seconds to respond with a resounding yes. i imagined fancy dresses, posh socialites, and a few pretty woman moments.

calgary opera did not disappoint in their rendition of Faust. i had shivers at the high notes, i was transfixed by the singers' voices, and i got to try out a new smokey eye that i learned from Too Much Daytime TV. 6th row tickets were not too shabby either. and the subtitles were surprisingly not distracting, nor terribly necessary.

but the best part of the night was during one of the intermissions when i tried to convince my opera date to go up to the special guest of the evening, calgary mp jason kenney, and kick him in the gonads. she wouldn't even do it for the $50 on the table, but it was still funny to say the word 'gonads' while wearing a fancy new purple dress and a smokey eye!

if you have the chance, go to the opera! what a treat.


La Cabeza Grande said...

You amuse me. Kick him, eh? Fancy dress and smokey eye be damned!

lu said...

and i love your use of 'eh?'!

K said...

I went to Jr high and High school with the person who sang the role of Siebel (Seibel?) in that production.

The only problem with the gonad kick would have been the potential legal ramifications. If you get charged with assault for a pie in the face of Klein, who knows what the charge would be for a kick to Kenny's gonads. For $50 I may have gone up to him and said "Hello Mr. Kenny. What I really want to do is kick you in the gonads, but I fear the legal ramifications, so instead, I would like to tell you that I am embarrassed that you represent my city and my country in parliament. I think that, while you are entitled to them, your opinions and actions with respect to the rights and freedoms of marginalized citizens of this country are ABHORRENT. I can only hope that one day, you too can understand what it is like to be hated for something you can't control. Now, excuse me while pass out in this glass of Shiraz because I cannot believe I had the guts to say this. I hope you enjoy the rest of Faust."

lu said...

haha, i love that! i rewrite it and put it in my fancy clutch just in case i run into him (or rob anders) at another event in this town.

lu said...