Tuesday, November 25, 2008

just filling the space

it is day 5 of my new job and man, is this different than anything else i have ever done. more on that to follow.

in the mean time, here are some bullet points:
  • i picked up my new car this past weekend and he is lovely and his name is dieter, which befits his german heritage. he even has bun warmers to keep your buns warm during cold weather drives.
  • so the calgary stampeders won the grey cup. i was at a grey cup party where i believe i watched 0.7 seconds of the game. i am not a fan of football and am not as thrilled with the win as the local newspapers are.
  • i got a delivery of cupcakes the other day from a friend in ontario who has never even had a crave cupcake. it was a pretty nice surprise.
  • i also got to visit with my favourite resident canadian in alaska and although it had been years, it felt like were still in that same psychology laboratory in 2003 with those dreaded rats.
  • i need a hair cut, but i am torn between getting a trim into a reasonable style (as opposed to this mop that i am sporting) and growing it out as much as possible so i can put it up for my sis's wedding in february. but it is really driving me nuts today - i think dorothy hamill called and she wants her hair cut back.
  • i almost wrote off the eggnog latte because the first one i had this season was poor to medium, but i gave it another shot and was pleasantly surprised.
  • even with the red cups, i am not feeling any discernible christmas cheer.

sorry about the combination of my previous behemoth posts and then such an unimaginative list-type post. but i AM at work (where i get blogger.com, but not my web-based email or facebook) so this will have to suffice.


Kels said...

lady i would KILL for a earl grey vanilla tea misto (why does starbucks make every name so complicated!) and i am extremely jealous of the car "bun-warmer" it makes all the difference. nothing like a hot ass ;)
love ya and hope you haven't had to donkey kick anyone lately.

k said...

i wish crave would deliver to me. but i suppose that would be a little far :( I guess i'll have to wait until i'm there. i hope they don't take christmas vacation.

Riena said...

No, no, no, Cars are girls and trucks are boys.

lu said...

you know, you are not the first person to say that cars should have girl names, but it just feels like dieter suits his name now. small, quirky, german. dieter!

La Cabeza Grande said...

New job and car? When did all this happen? Congratulations, btw! And different doesn't mean bad, unless you want it to :o)

lu said...

i am getting used to 'different' and so far, so good. thank you!