Friday, November 14, 2008

hello Privy Council Office!

someone googled (remember when google wasn't a verb?) 'jason kenney' from the Privy Council Office in ottawa and found my blog. eek. weird. i sometimes forget that the internet is for everyone and that this little piece of it that i have carved out is not just for me and the people i know.

i wonder if they hire people to monitor blogs because i could do that!

i also get a lot of searches for

  • starbucks london fog (hint, starbucks does not sell a London Fog but does sell an earl grey tea misto with a shot of vanilla which is exactly like the second cup London Fog)
  • marks and spencer snowy balls (which still makes me laugh)
  • right bank/left bank in paris
  • swahili or habari
  • sea urchins
  • shavasna (om)
  • things to know about [fill in blank with whatever random piece of information i have written about in the past]

i will be really impressed with myself when someone googles 'gonads' and gets here. or better yet, googles 'gonads and jason kenney' and gets here!


Heather said...


Lulu said...

If it makes you feel any better Jason Kenney used to be my MP and I laughed every time he opened his mouth. He is so poorly spoken and I love how Rick Mercer has a page dedicated to all the stupid things he has said!

Kelsey said...

HA how great would that be! go go gonads!

lu said...

update - starbies is now selling a london fog! but i am doubtful i will try it due to my newfound distaste for the dairy and i doubt it would taste nearly as good with soy milk.