Monday, October 06, 2008

a monday

it is monday and i am still not gainfully employed, but am employed for one day with elections canada so i can really revel in all that is a federal election. and make some monies.

to prepare, i voted in the early polls today and loved every second that it took me to make my X. i am shocked that so many canadians do not practice their civic duty and cast their ballot. and i have said it before, but people in other countries have risked their lives to be sure their voice is heard. so canadians, get it together, get your arse to your polling station, and participate in democracy already!

i am feeling more confident in who i want to win the election just because it is the lesser of the two doofuses so october 14th could get a bit tense.

and. and! and i am beginning the last countdown towards the day when my (soon to be former) soldier arrives in calgary to move into the new love nest (aka, my parents' basement). 14 days to go! flights are booked, visas have been granted, and finishing touches are being put on an 8 year military career. and not a moment too soon...

and yeah, this job search is getting old. i know that the job search is a full time job, that it is who you know, and that it takes time, blah, blah, blah, but i am already getting frustrated and deflated. i need to dig up some tenacity and perseverance to stretch my motivation.

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