Thursday, October 02, 2008

darn tooting!

neither palin nor biden are inspiring me at all during their debate. not one bit at all. biden thinks you can intervene in other countries uninvited and palin, well, she just smiles that silly smile all the time. she hasn't said anything disastrous yet, but still.

and what do i think about that other debate? i think that dion rocked it in both french and english. and who knew that duceppe spoke such eloquent english? who knew a separatist had such a command of the language of the oppressor? i do like the cut of his jib.

and global warming be damned, today i liked sitting in the sun and reading a book in october. i even got a few new freckles and a little rosy. in october! this just goes to show that i am totally justified in kicking the next person in the shins who says, 'oh, you are from canada, you must love the cold weather.' i say shut up and come enjoy summer in october at the foot of the rocky mountains to see for yourself.


La Cabeza Grande said...

(hangs head in shame) Is this the best this hang-dog two party system could produce? I rate both debates a resounding "meh" at a time when we need more than a professor or a hockey mom.

We're on a crash-course to disaster and the ink is still wet on the learner's permit. The senior senators have had theirs revoked. Too many accidents.

lu said...

someone googled 'darn tooting palin' and got here! it is a tiny victory of sorts.