Monday, October 13, 2008

the eff word

i was out shopping with one of my oldest friends this past week and she was in the market for new tableware. i just went along for the ride and to help with decisions, as friends do. but a set of dishes caught my eye and it just so happened that they were gordon ramsay's line from royal doulton.

i left it for a few days and spoke to the soldier about it, who just wanted to clarify that it was gordon fucking ramsay's fucking dishes before agreeing that i should go and buy them. so today i meandered back to the bay and had a surprise that there was an additional sale on my dishes for my as-yet-non-existent home.

so, royal doulton is good, right? and spending money on decent dishes is a good idea, right? and they are quite fucking nice, right?!


K said...

ooh..those are fucking awesome.

lu said...

haha, i love it.