Tuesday, February 26, 2008

raw only – day one

february 25, 2008)

today is the first of 7 days of eating only raw food. don’t ask me why i am doing this because i really have no idea. my flatmate has been doing it for 3 weeks and had a week left to go and had been asking me to join her so i figured i could do it for a week. here is the deal, i can eat anything that has not been cooked or heated, including spices that have been heated in the processing and salt. i have no idea why there is no salt allowed, but i am just going to follow instructions and wait to see what happens. i anticipate a lot of gas happening and not sure what else, but apparently this is supposed to be good for your body and your spirit. we’ll see.

thus far, i have not really noticed anything and this hasn’t been so hard but then again, this is only day one. apart from being so ridiculously tired at 8:30pm, but that could be because i had a busy day and have a busy week ahead of me. but the good kind of busy, the fun kind where i get to do things that actually lead to some measurable results and get me out of the office. and, if all goes well, i will get to go to some of the displacement camps in and around nairobi. i know that i should not necessarily be excited for that, but i am.

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K said...

can you "cook" with citrus? (so could a good ceviche be on the menu?)