Saturday, February 16, 2008

one hell of a hard week

this past week was hard. sort of like how 25 was hard.

and how do i know it was so hard? on wednesday i ate chocolate fudge cake and brussel sprouts for dinner. just because i wanted to. and the sprouts were not going to last much longer in my fridge. on friday i ate a Ritter Sport delicious bar of chocolate for dinner then fell asleep for 12 hours. 12 full hours of sleep uninterrupted by downstairs neighbours, by car alarms, or by that pesking alarm waking me up for yet another day of work. i feel fantastic.

but that week was still hard.

and i am up bright and early on a saturday morning, sipping my capuccino and looking at this cafe's menu trying to find something that has iron in it since i have not eaten meat in nearly 2 months and i am feeling as though i might be anemic. instead of actually having a blood test to check this out, i am just going to eat a cheeseburger and see if that helps.

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