Friday, February 29, 2008

raw only - day four

(february 28, 2008)

i am feeling rather cleansed today, but at night i notice an ache in my kidneys, i am hoping that is the ache that comes with the cleansing of the kidney rather than the strain on the kidney.
i also tend to get rather hyper in the late afternoon and i’m sure it is because i am eating a lot of fruit and no starches to absorb that so it goes zap, straight into my veins as pure, short-lived energy.

the nice thing about eating this way is that it makes me think about all the fresh produce i can eat. i must admit that i have not been too adventurous and just stuck with what i know, but i have rediscovered the beauty of the tree tomato and the mango, which i had given up on because it makes you so sticky. today, as i had predicted, i was able to get mangos and bananas right next door to an idp camp, glad to know some fine young entrepreneurs are profiting off the existence of the camp.

but earlier today i had this incredible craving for a pbj. the kind that gets a little warm and mushy because you have been carrying it around for half a day. i could also go for one now too, now that i think about it.

and i am afraid (but not really, because i think this is sort of madness) i will have to cut the 7 days off early as i have a farewell lunch with a friend leaving nairobi and there has been talk of wine. and i cannot say no to wine at a friend’s farewell. it is actually physically impossible, especially if the weather is going to be gorgeous and delightful as it has been in recent midafternoons.


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