Friday, May 05, 2006


queen's day
this seems an excuse not only to celebrate the country and the queen but to also drag all your unwanted junk out on to the front stoop and try and sell it to the passers by. also a reason to get really drunk in public and dress all in orange. i have never seen so many people on the streets of one city, with so much drinking in public, and so much peeing...into the canals, the public urinals, the corners.

bathrooms are few and far between in amsterdam. even when i ate at a restaurant i still had to pay to pee! no wonder people go in the streets. and how is a woman supposed to use a public urinal?! a bit unfair, i think. sorry, no photo for this point.

anne frank house
i was so moved by this. just reminded me of how powerful words can be and how young women sometimes have a way of making things more clear than anyone else. i held back tears as i looked at the magazine photos she had pasted to her walls. and the elderly dutch lady who was climbing those stairs and telling her two younger female relatives stories as she went through made me want to understand dutch so badly because i think she knew more than the plaques on the wall were saying.

the tulips
being one of the main reasons i was going at this time, i was not disappointed. i hung out with all the old dutch people and american tourists at keukenhof gardens and looked at flowers all day. and i was totally in awe of the colours, textures, and the hundreds of different types of tulips. i have over 100 photos, so here are some of my favourites.

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