Wednesday, May 10, 2006

In Between

today i woke up feeling rather Old and i still can't figure out why.

this morning i was thinking that i have been invited for coffee, for drinks, to the mountains, to a birthday party, and for breakfast from people at home since they know i will be around. and that made me feel really Good.

unfortunately i have been overcome with an extreme feeling of Laziness, which has made feel really useless and Bored out of my mind. i think this might be related to Waiting to go home.

i also feel as though i am somewhere In Between and i think that has a lot to do a lot of different things, but partly because i am Done with this university thing and this small town living and i am Eager to get back to the busy schedule that tends to make my world make more sense.

for some reason this all seems to demand the use of Capitals.


janny said...

Don’t worry about feeling “in between”. As soon as those wheels hit the tarmac everything will look simpler. If not, I’m sure we can drown the feeling with a bottle of wine, some MAC lip glass and a wild night on the town.

Can't wait to see you! xoxox

lu said...

AND i have been invited to a Spring Fever party where i have been instructed to wear Lip Gloss! yay, i am looking forward to it and getting rather excited about exactly what Shade of gloss i will wear and if should opt for a nice Shiraz or Mojitos!!

not to mention the fantastic conversation and good times that always come with a gathering of Smart, Hilarious, Outrageous ladies!