Tuesday, May 09, 2006

neither here nor there

packing up to go home is a strange feeling. i had a dissertation workshop with the people in my programme yesterday and i found it really helpful. it made me realise that my vacation from deep thought and massive amounts of reading is indeed over and i will have a lot of work to do both at home and whenever i come back to lancaster.

i am still totally unsure about my topic for my research, but i have a good supervisor so hopefully i acquire inspiration through osmosis from him. i am between the head space of 'get this thing over with so i can get on with my real life' and 'where ever you are, be there.' but i must say that i am always one to think to the future and can easily do that when things get tough or boring.

i saw a movie the other day called TransAmerica and i would suggest that people go see it if you are feeling like you need your gender stereotypes challenged and miss the days that we spent at university in women's studies or sociology classes! and felicity huffman is amazing.


Joy said...

That was a fantastic movie. The acting, the story, the people. All were wonderful.

I wish you well on your paper. Enjoy your time at home.

lu said...

so you saw it then? i was wondering if it was some obscure film or what, i am more than a little bit out of the loop on pop culture.

isn't her acting amazing during the scene that is all snot and tears when she's in the hospital?

Anonymous said...

psst....felicity was up for an oscar for her role in it. i'm pretty sure she won the best actress golden globe. if got a lot of "buzz" around awards show season. i haven't seen it yet...i've been meaning to though. not sure if it's out on DVD yet, but i'll have to check

lu said...

see, told you i was out of touch! but she deserved it if she got any awards for it.

Anonymous said...

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